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SuperiorMaker Lint Roller (5 Pack)


  • GREAT VALUE Each roller lint has 100 sheets for a total of 500 SHEETS in this link roller pack!
  • MULTIPURPOSE - Perfect for pet hair such as dog hair remover or cat hair remover. Also ideal for furniture lint remover. Great for tackling lint, fuzz, dust, crumbs and other dirt on practically all clothes, furniture, furnishings and any household, car or office surface. Recognized as a top new release for lint roller pet hair specifically for cat lint roller and dog hair remover.
  • GREAT DESIGN - Large perforations at the end of each lint remover sheet to make removing used sheets even easier. Used refills are easily removed to be effortlessly replaced by your next SuperiorMaker refill.
  • SUPER PRACTICAL - The attractive plastic paper cover allows you to cover the super sticky rollers when not in use for easy storage or to take with you when you travel. With just one plastic handle and 5 refills there is less waste making it better for the environment than other lint roller products that give you a plastic handle for every refill.

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